Build Your Own Shopify Website: 4 Hour Workshop

  • Are you tired of dreaming of a website and unsure where to start?
  • Do you need to build a website and one without a huge budget?
  • Have you ever wondered exactly what you need to do to get a website fully operational?
  • Well, we can help you will all of the above and have designed a workshop just for you!

Chris Pana, technologist & co-founder of Kreo Inc, will take you on a journey over 5 hours (includes a total of 1 hour for breaks) to deliver your first ‘Shopify’ webstore, that’s right, you’ll have your very own website operational by the end of the workshop. There are some clear exclusions and clear scope to ensure a smooth experience, this is aimed at getting you started quickly to then enable you to take the website in whatever direction you decide post-workshop.

Think of this as the ‘kick start’ you need to supercharge your 2020 year, to help you realise your dreams, to enable that new idea and to finally make it happen! We believe everyone can and should set up and manage their very own website all from the convenience and comfort of this workshop, your home or dare I say it, armchair! Attendees will be supplied a questionnaire in the lead up to the workshop outlining what you’ll need to bring along with you to ensure a successful workshop experience. We can’t wait to meet you!

Kreo Inc - Chris Pana’s IT Background Chris (Chris Pana's bio on Linkedin) has been a technology thought leader, strategist and advisor with an extensive professional IT executive background spanning over 20 years, he has spent his time throughout his career helping business leaders and organisations build and develop their online presence to deliver commercial growth and has seen him support everything from small businesses, to large corporate enterprises earning him praise for being the first to take an airline into the cloud, no small feat, however one achievement Chris looks upon proudly.

Having achieved incredible success in his career Chris has his sights set on deploying his vast experience with micro, small and medium-sized business, he has worked for quite a number of household brands and global institutions such as Tigerair (a Virgin Australia owned subsidiary), National Australia Bank, Non-for-profits & BNP Paribas to name a few and looks forward to working with you too!

Who is the workshop designed for?

The workshop is aimed at the novice/beginner and those who wish to ‘get to the point’ and deliver a basic website. What you do from there is up to you and the possibilities are endless, possibilities that Kreo Inc.’s team can help you explore further post-workshop.

What will I get out of the workshop?

  • A basic website utilising the Shopify E-commerce platform.
  • The ability to plan your overall structure and user experience post-workshop;
  • The knowledge and how to properly navigate and maintain your Shopify experience; 
  • The creation of your very first sample products (up to 10 products) and guidance on structure, layout and theme; and
  • The importance of terms and conditions, shipping and related policies. What you’ll need to bring along:
  • A laptop with a fully functioning WiFi capability, i.e ensure it can connect to WiFi networks assuredly (with administrator access);
  • A credit card, your questions, a notebook and most importantly; 
  • Yourself!

Please note: This workshop is aimed at establishing a basic core website experience, aspects relating to legal, terms and conditions, invoicing, shipping and related trading & customer-related policies and operational procedures sit outside the scope of this workshop, however, feel free to come armed with questions as they will be discussed and it is recommended you develop these in consultation with a legal representative or the Kreo Inc team.

Once your workshop is purchased, a member of our team will be in contact to lock in your preferred date, location and time with 24 hours based on your delivery method.

It is recommended that this tailored one on one workshop is to be conducted face to face to extract the greatest value.

Online delivery can be facilitated via Skype (preferred) or equivalent web conferencing capability where screen sharing is possible. 

Group Bookings

Group workshops (up to 10 people) are also available. To request a quote please contact us here.


*Please note: Travel outside of Melbourne Metro (and within 1 hour of Metropolitan Melbourne) and Victoria is not included in the fee.


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