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SUPPLIER: Kreo Home PTY LTD (“Kreo Home”)

(A.C.N. 095 085 242)(A.B.N. 86 095 085 242)

(trading as KREO INC)


EMAIL: hello@kreohome.com.au



PO BOX 4055



1. KREO is an Australian supplier of the lifestyle, home-wares and related products advertised on this site.

2. Every supply of a KREO product to a Customer shall be on the basis of these terms and conditions (“the Terms”) and KREO reserves the right to amend these terms from time to time.

3. By submitting a final order for a KREO product, the Customer acknowledges that they have read and understood these terms, and accept that they are the terms on which KREO will supply a product to the Customer.


4. KREO regularly reviews all KREO products advertised on this site to ensure that each KREO product shown as being “in stock” is available for immediate delivery. Unfortunately, as KREO sources its products from local and international suppliers, occasionally, a KREO product advertised as being “in stock” will not be available at the time of the Customer’s order. By advertising a KREO product on this site and marking it as “in stock”, KREO makes no representation that the particular KREO product is available at the time of the Customer’s order.

5. KREO will endeavour to ensure that this site’s description of a KREO product is current and accurate. The Customer agrees to accept delivery of a KREO product that substantially accords with the product description contained in this site. The Customer acknowledges that no entitlement to return a KREO product will arise unless the KREO product is materially different to the description contained in this site, or unless KREO’s Refund & Returns Policy applies.

6. All prices quoted on KREO’s site:

a. are in Australian dollars unless otherwise shown; and

b. are inclusive of GST; and

c. do not include the cost of delivery or insurance; and

d. may be varied by KREO from time to time without notice.


7. All electronic credit card payments made to KREO are processed through third party merchant facilities using a secure Gateway Provider. Whilst KREO takes all precautions to ensure the security of all transactions, KREO does not warrant that and will not be liable for any loss or damage sustained as a result of the conduct of a third party.

8. The Customer agrees to follow the following steps to complete an order for a KREO product:

a. To select the desired KREO Product, check the box shown adjacent to the KREO Product then click “NEXT”;

b. Enter the desired quantity of the KREO Product, which will be “one (1)” by default; then

c. Availability details will appear if the KREO Product desired is either not in stock, or is not available in the quantity requested;

d. If the KREO Product is available in the quantity desired, the Customer can proceed to complete their personal, billing and contact details when prompted. The Customer will be required to select one of the delivery options shown (see below) then click “NEXT”; then

e. Review the Order Summary to determine the total price inclusive of GST and delivery costs and otherwise ensure that all information provided is accurate then click “SUBMIT ORDER”; then

f. Upon validation and authorisation of the Customer’s payment, KREO will provide an Order Confirmation to the Customer’s email address supplied which will contain a unique KREO Order Number. The Order Confirmation will be KREO’s tax invoice to the Customer and should be retained for the Customer’s records.

9. Ownership of the KREO product will pass to the Customer upon KREO’s receipt of payment in full.

10. KREO will arrange for the KREO Product ordered to be shipped upon receipt of payment in full. All KREO products will be shipped by Australia Post to the delivery address provided by the Customer via Express post in most cases. Any estimates of delivery time shown on KREO’s site are estimates provided by Australia Post and delivery can be expected within 3 business days. KREO does not warrant that a KREO product will be delivered within the estimated delivery time and disclaims any liability for any loss that arises by virtue of late delivery.

11. The Customer agrees that upon KREO providing the KREO product to Australia Post:

a. KREO will have completed its obligations to the Customer;

b. A delivery time of up to 3 business days for all items that are in stock. For any special orders or special shipping instructions / other shipping types (non-standard), longer delivery / handling times may occur; and

c. the risk of damage to a KREO product passes to the Customer;

12. The Customer agrees to inspect each KREO product upon delivery and will be deemed to have accepted the KREO product in good condition unless the Customer notifies KREO strictly in accordance with KREO’ Returns & Refunds Policy.


13. The Customer may request the cancellation of an order (“Cancellation Request”) in accordance with the following terms.

14. A Cancellation Request must be in writing sent to hello@kreohome.com.au.

15. KREO will accept and process a Cancellation Request if the Cancellation Request:

a. contains the Customer’s name, address and the KREO Order number; and

b. is received during ordinary business hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays); and

c. is received prior to KREO giving possession of the KREO product to Australia Post.

16. If KREO accepts a Cancellation Request, it will refund the total price paid by the Customer less an administrative fee of no more than 5% (plus GST) of the total order price (exclusive of delivery costs).


17. KREO normally does not accept returns if the Customer simply changes their mind. KREO may in an individual instance refund the total price paid by the Customer less an administrative fee of no more than 20% (plus GST) if within fourteen (14) days of the date of delivery, the Customer submits a request to KREO by email for a return of the KREO product, which KREO accepts in writing.

18. Subject to the further terms below, KREO reserves the right to refuse to accept a return of a KREO Product and may otherwise impose reasonable conditions as to the basis on which it will accept a return of a KREO Product.

19. If a KREO product is faulty, does not accord with the description of the KREO product as shown in the Order Confirmation or KREO is otherwise obliged by law to do so, KREO will refund the total price paid by the Customer less an administration and handling charge not exceeding 2% of the total price paid (exclusive of delivery costs). As a condition of the Customer’s entitlement to a refund in this instance, the Customer must have inspected the KREO Product immediately upon its receipt and notified KREO in writing of the fault, defect or mis-description within three (3) business days of the date of delivery and returns the KREO product to the Returns Address in accordance with the directions and timeframe KREO will provide to the Customer. KREO may in a particular instance give a refund if the Customer gives notice at a later time. 

20. The Customer will be responsible for returning the KREO product to the KREO Returns Address and will be liable for the costs of any damage to the KREO product whilst in the Customer’s possession. Ownership will pass to KREO upon the Customer delivering the KREO product to the KREO Returns Address.

21. The Customer acknowledges that by using this website and/or submitting an order for a KREO Product, the Customer will provide and KREO will collect a Customer’s personal or private information and data which will be used by KREO in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Act 1988.
22. KREO takes reasonable precautions to ensure that a Customer’s personal or private information is secure and will not share your personal or private information with any third parties without your permission, save for those parties necessary to properly complete a Customer’s Order or in the event that KREO is legally obliged to disclose the information. 
23. KREO will seek your permission to use your private or personal information for the purposes of conducting surveys, promotions or marketing and you agree to allow us to use so much of your private or personal information as is reasonably necessary for us to do so. A Customer may at any time opt out of receiving promotional or marketing materials by notifying KREO in writing.
24. KREO will destroy a Customer’s personal or private information no earlier than twelve (12) months but not later than twenty-four(24) months after the last date on which the Customer submitted an order with KREO.
25. If you have any queries or concerns about how KREO handles your information, or if you wish to lodge a complaint about the way in which we have handled your information, please send an email to hello@kreohome.com.au
26. The Customer warrants to KREO that it has the complete authority of any third party whose authority is required to complete an Order. The Customer will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy or all information provided to KREO and will indemnify and hold KREO harmless against any loss, damage or claim that may be made as a consequence of the provision of the incorrect information.
27. To the fullest extent permissible by law:
a. KREO disclaims all liability for loss or damage arising from or incidentally to the Customer’s use of a KREO product; and
b. the Customer release, discharges and indemnifies KREO and its authorised directors, servants and agents from all claims that the Customer may have arising from a KREO product and the Customer’s use of it;
c. the Customer undertakes to use a KREO product only for its intended purpose and shall take all reasonable precautions (including regular inspection) to identify faults or risks which may reasonably lead to loss, damage or injury.
28. KREO makes no representation that this website or any links or connections to third party sites are free of viruses, Trojans or other malicious software. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken (including the deployment of reliable virus and protection software) at all times whilst the Customer accesses this website. The Customer undertakes not to hold KREO responsible for any loss or damage that the Customer sustains as the result of any malicious third party software.
29. All ownership of and rights to the intellectual property associated with this website, the contents of this website, the business name “KREO”, its derivatives and variations and any logo, device, brand or other symbol of recognition associated thereto are and will remain the property of "KREO" and its lawful assigns and may not be used, reproduced or otherwise dealt with without the permission of the owner or in a manner inconsistent with the rights of the owner.
30. The Customer may communicate with KREO in writing to hello@kreohome.com.au or by sending correspondence to the Returns Address. KREO may communicate with the Customer by email to the Customer’s email address or by sending correspondence to the Customer’s Address provided at the time of placing an Order.
31. If any term herein is found to be illegal, unenforceable or contrary to law, the term shall be severed such that the remaining terms can be interpreted to give them business efficacy.
32. Every agreement arising between KREO and any Customer is hereby deemed to have been made in the State of Victoria. KREO and the Customer agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria to determine any dispute arising hereunder.

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