About Us

 Maggie Pana - Head Honcho.

Her Fact Sheet:

  • Proud mum of two girls Helena & Dallas (basically mini versions of her).
  • Wife of Chris Pana (who constantly annoys the shit out of her).
  • Swears like a sailor.
  • Loves colour and quirk (but always dresses in black, white or grey?? That’s because her mind is colourful!)
  • Age…. Let’s just not talk about that!
  • Loves the Grand Prix
  • Hates the word ‘cheers’ used in any other context than clinking glasses together!
  • Addicted to: Online shopping, Netflix and chill, yoga and coca-cola.
  • Social media guru and totally obsessed with technology (Loves to get her geek on).
  • Loves a good party! (As Gatsby said “A little party never killed nobody”)
  • Adrenalin junkie – her list of jumping exercises includes: skydiving, rap jumping, bungee jumping. Who knows what’s next!
  • Loves skiing!
  • Listens to trance.

 She knows her shit and can help you to know your shit about:

  • Instagram Training
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Social media strategy 
  • Collaboration
  • Public Speaking
  • Shopify
  • Being Trade fair/market ready
  • Flat lay photography
  • Reading trends in industry based markets
  • Online safety
  • Launching a new business
  • Pinterest for business
  • Content creation

The Kreo Story

Kreo began its journey in 2013 as an online homewares store and blog which represented the Australian handmade market. It quickly became a platform for Australian creatives and small business owners to share and sell their work. 

Kreo Home is about to embark on its fifth year of trading. What started as an online homewares store, blog, supporters of Australian made, it evolved into many different things in its short journey. We created an array of awesome projects, we were nominated for countless awards and made many memories along the way. Today we stand here proud as we look back on all our achievements.

However the time has come to say goodbye to our retail side of the business in order to continue with our passion of helping, supporting and advising small business in all industries. Kreo Home as you know it, has undergone a massive makeover and restructure and will now be known as Kreo inc.

Kreo inc will focus on the needs of business. It will offer workshops, one on one coaching, advertising opportunities, informative blogs, business resources, public speaking, technical support, social media coaching and much more.

We would like to take the time to thank our amazing suppliers, followers, blog contributors, supporters, family, friends and mentors for their ongoing support, encouragement, advice and long term friendships. Without you all, none of this was possible. We look forward to sharing our new journey with you all.

M xx



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