Shopify Template Upgrades

Are you currently operating an E-commerce shopfront utilising the Shopify platform but unsure how to go about updating your theme template?  There's new features you want to take advantage of, perhaps some you've been waiting on for a while but aren't sure where to begin? It should be as easy as install and upgrade, but sadly it isn't that simple! Rest assured, help is here.

We are highly skilled Shopify experts who can tackle the upgrade for you, ensuring all customisations and related code is brought across into your new template. We understand that this can become cumbersome and incredibly complex task so we've designed a product to take the pain away to help you enjoy the benefits of keeping updated with your latest theme updates all with the comfort of knowing it'll be done right and done once not twice!

There are some limitations which we can take you through when we discuss your exact requirements, however one key one is if you have had a developer build modules or inject custom code into your website, we may need to collaborate with them on the upgrade and depending on the nature of the assistance required, this may attribute to additional costs that falls outside the scope of what we normally do. Regardless, we are happy to help facilitate the conversation to determine the best path forward, holding your hand and supporting you each step of the way. Get in touch to know more if you aren't sure about this point before purchasing!

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